Boer's Transfer & Storage is established!
Peter Boer sold the farm in Iowa and moved his family to Holland, Michigan. Upon his arrival in Holland, work was not as plentiful as he had hoped. Boer’s Transfer was basically a drayage company, hauling firewood, coal, trunks and luggage to and from the train depot. Of course, furniture moving completed the list of items he also hauled.

As the family grew-up, more expansion occurred and less profitable business was discontinued. Specialization developed until Boer’s Transfer was hauling household goods, both new and used.

Interstate Commerce Begins!
Boer’s received Interstate Commerce Commission Authority to haul in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, and of course Michigan!
First Warehouse!
1954 Boer’s moved into a new warehouse. The Warehouse was built by Ed Boer (Andrew Boer's Uncle) and was located on South Washington. It was a huge step for Boer’s Transfer!
Agent for National Van Lines
In 1956 Boer’s became an Agent for National Van Lines. A medium sized Van Line based out of Chicago, IL. With doing more Interstate moving it became important to have a network of Agents throughout the upper Midwest.
New Warehouse!
In 1963 Boer’s built a new warehouse. It was only about 5000 sq/ft but was a major event for the Boer family. Business had been very good for the last several years and will prove to be very good for the next 15+ years.
New location and becoming an agent for Atlas Van Lines
In 1978 Boer’s moved to it’s current location on Riley on the north side of Holland. Also in 1978 we became an Agent for Atlas Van Lines. Atlas was a much bigger Van Line than National and had the resources Boer’s needed to continue it’s growth.
Becoming an Agent for Mayflower
Boer’s became a Agent for Mayflower. Mayflower was knocking on Boer’s door to join our team. Mayflower had even more resources than Atlas and was/is considered the “most recognized name in moving.” The transition went smoothly and Boer’s continues to be a top performing Agent for Mayflower!
Business continued to be strong and Boer’s continued to diversify. With all the new business it was decided to expand at the Riley street location. We added a 3 story 17,000 sq/ft warehouse giving Boer’s the space and resources to continue expanding it’s operations!
Building a Self-Storage Facility
Business was strong in 2006/2007 and Boer’s had a lot of demand for a self-storage facility. After months of planning we decided to build 3 buildings totaling 140 units. Within a year after opening the facility we have averaged about 90%+ occupancy!
New Company President!
In 2007 Andrew Boer was promoted to President.

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