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Looking for a better way to handle where and when to send furniture before a home is ready? Wouldn’t it be nice to find out a piece is damaged before it’s in your client’s home? Finding it difficult to keep up with freight company’s delivery schedules and requirements?

Welcome to Boer’s White Glove Services. Whether you are a designer or a homeowner updating your space, we are here to help! We are an experienced team of moving and storage professionals. Boer’s can handle receiving, inspecting, storage and delivery. We also offer these services for construction materials; from electrical and plumbing fixtures, to floor covering such as carpet and tile.

Boer’s offers a custom arrangement to every client. We can tailor our services to any of the following – from a full inspection of items, with digital photos, storage and in-home delivery to simple dock receiving so you can pick them up.


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Our 10 receiving docks and doors are open to receiving, and pick-up from 8 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday.

Our dedicated warehouse manager and staff have over twenty years of experience receiving and handling furniture.


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Our team will unpack shipments, inspect pieces for flaws in finishes, and fabrics, and check for damage from the manufacturer or during transit. After the pieces have been inspected, digital photos and BOLs will be emailed.

When minor damage and imperfections are found, touch-ups and repairs can be done in house by our inspection team. For more severe damages, we will schedule repairs with our furniture expert. If a product comes in with significant or irreparable damage, we will assist in coordinating returns.

All boxes and packing materials are recycled or disposed of at our facility.


White Glove Storage Featured ImageEach piece is blanket wrapped and stored in our 30,000 square foot heated storage facility. Our warehouse is protected by a security system that has twenty four hour recorded surveillance cameras.

Self-storage is another option; our computer-controlled access allows you to visit your unit 7 days a week, including holidays.

Items can be picked up within three days with no storage cost, or can be held in storage until the client is ready for delivery. Storage is billed in 30 day increments on a per piece basis.


Boer’s offers an extremely competent and experienced delivery crew. Our delivery staff is well versed in the careful process of properly padding and loading furniture on our fully equipped delivery trucks. Boer’s is confident that we possess the highest skill set in the industry. Our employees will cover floors, pad railings, and protect the residence as part of our routine delivery process. We take great pride in a flawless delivery, leaving your customer’s home in the best condition.

We alleviate so you can elevate!

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